My name is Elena
And I am a designer
With an eclectic personality.



I design spaces and furnishings imagining the sensations of those who will live them

I listen to and interpret people’s needs in order to turn them into something beautiful. I turn an idea of wellness into a physical space to live in or into an object to live with.

I work with architects, project managers, graphics and lighting designers to create spaces to live in, furnishings that populate everyday life, objects that carry artistic performances.

I pay special attention to detail, because the most exciting stories are told by the details.


Listening and studying the space, the materials and the research.

Listening and studying the space, the materials and the research. Each project starts with a long talk: listening is my way of taking care of people’s desires immediately. My work harmonizes with the context, thanks to a careful analysis that interprets spaces – in interior projects -, or studies the collections, -in product design projects-.

In my consultancy, I share all my experience with materials and my skills in the technological field with a bent for sustainability. An approach that relies on the relationship with the artisans I work with in the realization of all my projects.

In my job as an interior designer, I give my best with small and medium sized spaces, both in residential and in contract, thinking of them as an experience to live every day.

Your own interior design

I wish my interior projects to become gifts: I like thinking I am gifting my customer with something personal, unique and sincere. A gift from a creative thought that doesn’t shut down with time.

I design custom-made spaces and furniture with a distinctive character, choosing materials and defining details, together with the artisans who work with me.

Each project is designed for those who will live in it, imagining how life will be like in that space. I work together with them as if we had to write a chapter of their story… a story that has already begun.

In fact, the environment must speak the language of those who inhabit it and bring well-being into their lives.
And well-being is a concept that is placed in an eternal present, beyond fashions.

Have you ever heard of capsule collection designer?

This is what I do when I work with entrepreneurs in the furniture sector with an artisan approach. We work together to develop objects and collections intended for serial production, with a fondness for limited editions and a style that enhances sustainability and love for detail.

I have always thought that my objects are meant to be produced in small numbers. Because of their strong character, they give their best when they are experienced as “love at first sight”: objects full of a completely personal sense. For this reason, I work well with companies Who believe in this idea of furnishing: an evocative approach that is expressed in a style with a clear identity.

Unique pieces for memorable live shows

I develop, design and create unique pieces that furnish scenographies. Objects which, by vocation, accompany and enhance artistic performances, objects whose set-up is born to crystallize into an unforgettable image. After designing them, I also take care of their realization, in the studio or in collaboration with specific artisans, depending on their complexity.

And finally, the most exciting phase: when the project becomes a concrete, real object. Everything must be as defined on paper, But hurry up… time flies. Yes, because each of my projects for the artists is carried out in record time: everything must be ready for a show that will leave everyone breathless.

Giorgia / Elisa / Nek / Laura Pausini / Il Volo

My portfolio

I believe that with words you can say a lot but for a professional like me, the images speak.
And my portfolio is a story written in images. It is the tale of how the relationship with my customers becomes an idea that takes shape and materializes, thanks to precise choices.

In home interior, space design and custom-made furniture are deeply integrated because I dress the space like a tailor creates a unique suit.

Capsule collections are objects that come to life in small series or even in unique pieces, produced only once, but for an unforgettable moment.


Are you a private looking for an interior designer to help you improve the spaces you live in?
Are you a creative director, looking for new collaborations?
Are you a scenographer and do you work to make your live shows unforgettable?
If you have felt any good vibes in these pages… we may have something to talk about!
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