The steps to work together

My work always begins with a preliminary, free and non-binding chat.

Welcoming you in a relaxing atmosphere is very important to create that empathy which then guides me in the design.

Depending on the complexity of the work, I can work on a quick preview of the concept, which broadly summarizes the solutions I would like to propose to you, so that we are truly aligned on the same idea. I like starting a project on the push of that spark that makes you feel in the right hands.

When I start designing I take the time to draw by hand, because it allows me to have full mastery of the space and the objects that inhabit it. It is at this stage that I imagine how they will be experienced.

Only after that do 3D modeling, photorealistic renderings and mockups arrive, whether it is a home interiors project or product design.

At the end of the project, I like the idea of giving the client my illustrated plates and some photos of the construction site, which tell the story. A memory that will stay with you forever.

Tell me what project you have in the pipeline using the form you find here, or let’s meet on social networks!

In my Instagram profile you can travel through my home interiors projects: spaces that become homes to live in among custom-made furnishings and objects crafted by my favorite craftsmen.

On Linkedin, on the other hand, I prefer to talk to you about my approach to industrial design, my collaborations with companies and what inspires me in the design furniture and lighting sector today.

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