In each project I tell a story, that starts with the word “relationships”.

If I had to describe my work in 3 words…

Mine is an eclectic professionality, which goes from interior design and custom-made furnishings to product design for limited editions, up to the development of unique pieces for live shows. But in every project I share my core values, my working method and my experience. I will try to tell you here in 3 words…

  • I would start with SINCERITY
    I dedicate myself to the project until I am 100% sure that it is strong enough to be handed over to the artisans – or the company – which will take care of its realization. For me, this means to design sincerely.
    And for this reason I tend to take on one project at a time: to each, I dedicate my attention. Exclusively.
  • Then i would say ESSENCE
    Each project tells a guide-idea, which responds to the customer’s needs. The design then becomes form and function, to rediscover the pleasure of living.
    Once the sketch has been shaped, I work by subtraction. I remove the superfluous, so that it will represent the beating heart that inspired me in the beginning, without tints.
  • And finally, I would talk to you about COMPETENCES.
    A project can only be successful when what had been done on paper, turns into reality.
    Designing and engineering every detail, supervising its implementation and immediately taking care of its maintenance: The whole process requires an all-round professionalism, where nothing is left to chance.
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Interior design tailored for those who live it

Every person and every space has different needs and personalities. To understand them, I dedicate a long time to get to know the customer, with a one-to-one dialogue that embraces their life and desires.
Are you looking for a trustworthy interior designer, too?

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Small collections, limited editions, in a word: capsules

I like working side by side with small entrepreneurs or creative directors, to make their company’s collections evolve. In fact, I develop small series with a strong personality, which bring freshness without betraying the original spirit of the brand.
In drawing geometries and choosing materials, I am guided by the relationship between objects and those who will experience them: the “Why” of an object is all there.
Do you want to bring freshness to your collection?

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Pieces born - sometimes - just for one single moment

I love working together with managers and set designers in creating sets for concert.
For them, I design and create objects that have not only the purpose of accompanying the musicians during the show, but also to speak Their language through shapes, colors, textures.
It encourages me to dialogue with the operators of the sector and to draw on all my intuition to enter the artist’s world and the story that will be told through the show. And then, I translate all of it into a design project with a v.i.p. life.

Let's work together!

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