Capsule collection design

Cosa significa disegnare un oggetto per me? Design an experience, not a product.

A craft approach and a preference for limited editions: this is my idea of product design. I prefer small to large numbers: capsule collection with high empathic value, able to tell a memorable story: the story of those who will use them and the one of those who created them.

I like being challenged. I like challenges. And that’s why I have a huge passion for the world of industrial design. Dealing with a need, a necessity and, from there, starting imagining scenarios and offering solutions.

With consistency, sincerity, research, with that calmness which is not submission or indecision but, rather, pure dedication, absolute centration, endless listening. Because the result, the object will be the best combination of functionality, aesthetics and emotion.

Where are my ideas born?

Every beginning has something magic in it: it is together expectation and fear. It’s the desire for everything to happen, it’s the fear that something will happen. The beginning of a project is, for me, the most complicated and surprising phase, at the same time. To break the ice, to get into something that has yet to be is for me extremely difficult.

For this reason, in my work as an industrial designer, in front of an intuition or a need, mine or somebody else’s, I do what I can do best: I study. In a world dominated by the already seen, I feel a strong need to document myself, to understand if a specific problem has already been approached, to define what and how it was done. I need it to train my lateral thinking And to force my creativity to be authentic.

It is a fundamental and totalizing moment for me, from which I can’t detach until this part of me – integrated and inflexible – feels satisfied and sure not to have forgotten any aspect.

The importance of comparison

As well as I love the reflection of the initial phase, I love the sharing that follows. It is one of the aspects I love most of my work with the companies: the confrontation among those involved in research and development, who – within or outside the company – are involved in the project and thus can enrich it through their feelings and their points of view.
It is a fundamental step in the development of a product, of an object which will then enter people’s daily life: investigating the thousand sensations it will arise, the relationship it will create in a completely spontaneous way with those who will use it.
In this phase, it becomes vital not to reason in one way only, not to limit yourself, but, through many and different points of view, to make an effort, to ask yourself new questions and try to give answers.

Like a geometry homework

Then, when the research has been completed and the investigation has finished, the ice finally breaks.
And the poles I have planted so far help me visualize the path to get to a shape to start from. A raw shape. The shape is often very far from what will be, but it begins to have an identity.

And, once the ice is broken, the thought remains adherent to the project, until the final solution arrives, like in a geometry homework.
For me, that’s the most fascinating part of the whole process. While I imagine the end, I enjoy every instant of the process. Because we get to the real challenge through the Prototyping, this is where you check if the design really works. Proportions, shapes, details everything is screened and analyzed in search of possible changes or improvements to be made. Make and unmake, until you get to a sense of completeness, to an object able to help and together fill our homes and our souls with sense.

Who I love to collaborate with

With brands that share with me the disruptive passion for analysis, for research, the obsession for detail, the mania for investigation. With agile and flexible realities that consider teamwork a genuine wealth, those in which comparison is never judgment but always and only growth.

If you’ve recognized yourself and would like to see which universes we’ll be able to explore, write to me at I will answer you as soon as possible!

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