Whether it is interiors, small collections or unique pieces, I share my “custom” approach in every single project.

I design personal objects and spaces that furnish with your style

I am not an industrial designer in the strict sense: big numbers are not for me. I prefer limited editions, developed with Great care for each piece. I like working with special attention to details, on the curves or joints, giving harmony to each millimeter.

On the other hand, my interior design projects are also the fruit of a precise brief: the main elements emerg from an in-depth dialogue With my customers, in which routine, taste and style are revealed.

The word “custom” summarizes my approach: every person and every space has different needs and styles… I like to understand the reasons.

Interior design: what a passion!

I love freehand sketching: the best ideas always come to me through drawing, which allows me to go in depth. Then, I work on 3d modeling and prototyping, which gives body and engineering to the original idea to the millimeter.

Sustainability is an essential element in the development of my projects: I like using materials smartly and avoiding wastes.

And then – last but not least – I wish people to find a sense of beauty through a great Visual impact, which never becomes ostentation, in the spaces designed by me.

Collaboration is at the heart of my work

I have always worked in the world of furniture, mass-produced and tailor-made, side by side with the artisans of the sector.

These collaborations have allowed me to express my love for detail and for the research of Materials.

Thanks to great artists in the world of music, I learned how to translate a stylistic code into a project that furnishes the performance scene, like an emanation from the artist himself.

Curiosity, wonder and creative inspiration

I like analyzing the things around me, from nature to old, abandoned houses, to fill me with wonder. Every detail is For me a source of inspiration as well as a learning lesson, because by observing I learn how to read the shapes.

Outdoor life allows me to travel not only with my legs, but also with my mind, to see everything a little clearer and to set my future goals.
I don’t love long-term projects, I prefer moving forward one step at a time, pushed by curiosity.

I like working with...

A project, to last over time, must be sincere. I like dealing with people who are not afraid to show themselves, To tell their story, to let me into their worlds.

Private individuals who like living in a custom-made house, designed specifically for them, companies looking for objects with a strong personality, artists or Set designers who are looking for a unique piece, even if it is -sometimes – for one performance only.

If a project lasts over time and continues to bear meaning for those who wanted it, then it means that my job was a success.

What about you? Which projects do you have in mind?

Write me and I will answer you asap

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