Unique pieces for memorable live shows

I design unique pieces, components of scenography that only have one task: to shine, even for just a few moments. Pieces designed to enhance a single song or an entire concert, objects capable of capturing the attention without taking the scene (for the artist only!), furniture – seats especially – able to merge with the performer, enriching their personalities and the emotional impact. In fact, when words and music merge with lights, shapes and colors… they create unique experiences and unforgettable emotions.

I like to think that it is life, in its infinite wisdom, that pilots those encounters which are not destined to remain isolated episodes but which become the beginning of important and, until a little before, completely unimaginable paths.

Certainly, if I had not met Francesco De Cave, today I would not be here to tell you about how my job as a product designer has met the music one – as by magic –…

It was in fact him, an internationally renowned set and light designer, who contacted me for the first time asking me to draw a sitting to accompany an artist during his show.

It was 2012 and he was preparing Giorgia’s “Dietro le apparenze” tour. Then, Nek and Il Volo, elisa and Laura Pausini arrived.

Many elements, one symphony

The scenography of the concerts – of live in general – are studied with great care. It doesn’t matter if the show will only last one evening or it will be a very long tour: the fewer the dates, the more awaited the event! And every detail will become even more important in order to create that explosion of emotions to always be remembered.

The heart of each new project are the songs: a cask of creativity, in words and music, with which the artists tell and share with the Public their own universe. My brief also starts from the songs, whether I relate directly with The artist or I interact with the staff members: the texts and the music dictate those key-words that open all doors and Help me transforming a concept into new forms to be visualized.

The right harmony

After listening, it’s time to see!

The first freehand sketches get soon turned into three-dimensional models and render images, which I use since the first email.

Once the most suitable version has been chosen, I move to the feasibility study, assisted by my network of artisans.
We make sure that the final items are light enough, or easy to carry and move, both on stage and between one stage and the next one. And we work together so that they are flashy but to the right point, as well as absolutely ergonomic. Each piece of furniture is, in fact, studied in details to ensure the best user experience: from the dimensions and the weight to the proportions… We leave nothing to chance, so that it will be the right framework for a breathtaking performance.

Perfect match

When that sketch has finally turned into a prop, I will take care of the last tests. As a guitarist checks the chords, I often accompany my creatures under the lights.

It’s been about six weeks: this is the minimum time I require for product development. Now the show can really begin!

Shall we design together?

Are you a scenographer, a director of photography or an event manager and are you planning a memorable live show? Together we can Create an immersive listening experience… beyond the music! Write me at info@elenarogna.com if you want to talk about it!

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